Greetings to you fellow Human and Welcome. The purpose of this website is to give you the oportunity to hear the real, honest truth about the God of the Bible and to gain a clear understanding of who the God of Heaven really is and how wonderful your life could be if you will listen and then join his family through his Son Jesus so you can become a true child of God. The God of the King James Bible has been badly represented by religious organizations and many lies have been told about him for he is loving, kind, merciful, forgiving and NOT an angry God. He does NOT take pleasure in hurting or killing or destroying for satan your greatest enemy is responsible for all the evil that happens to you. Most people are very mislead about God since they blindly follow a false religion preaching a false doctrine that tickles their ears and hightens their emotions sending millions to Hell. They don't realize they have been decieved until it is too late. This is why it is so important that you understand the truth now. This world has gone completely crazy and is headed for total destruction. But you can be in the hands of God and change your life into a blessed, happy, God protected life without any fears or worries and have total confidence that God is watching over you and your family and he will never leave you ever. God can not lie or he wouldn't be God. He has made promises he will keep. People who don't have Jesus are open targets for satan and his demons to destroy.

God has been lied about so badly by TV preachers, prophets, priests, pastors, cults, guru's, and so called holy men. God operates on this Earth by his own ways apart from our understanding for his ways are always perfect and right. God wants you to know his truth and to erase your past and forgive you of ALL of your sins, give you a place in Heaven and show you how to start your life again, fresh and new with him. He is a God of second chances. It is God's greatest desire that everyone would be born again through his Son Jesus and not perish in the flames of Hell. God has a great love for you but he won't force you to listen to him since he gave all of us a free will of our own to choose between good and evil. He wants to give you a new heart of love with a sound and clear understanding mind no matter who you are or how unworthy you may feel you are. We at the Shield of Faith wish only to help and encourage you to make a fresh new start today. We wish to help you by exposing all of these lies that news media, churches and cult religions in this world have told you so that you can be free to live a wonderful, abundant and peaceful life on this Earth and know your creator as Father and best friend. God can never be found through a religion but only by a personal relationship with God as your Father and Jesus as your Savior and redeemer. Many have tried other ways and have failed.

Many people ask: "Why doesn't God help me?" "Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?" There is only one truthful explanation to this. All through history everything that we have allowed that has been against the teachings of the Bible God gave us has brought about terrible consequences. So why do people blame God for all the evil and suffering in the world when it is we ourselves that are responsible for allowing these terrible things to happen. We allow abortion, removal of prayer and Bibles from schools, pornography, we publicially curse God with evolution, occult practices and everything else he calls evil. We no longer build into ourselves any personal honor, honesty, pride or self integrity but instead we lie, decieve, steal and kill. You must understand that there are only two families on this Earth today, God's family and Satans. So if you are not born again into God's family then he can not hear your prayers or help you in your life for he is holy and perfect and will not allow sin in his presence. Infact those that do not have the Son of God Jesus don't have life but the wrath of God abides on them. 1 John 5:12. The people of the world have been blinded to the truth. God the Father is here right now watching and listening to your heart and mind.

He wants to help you so your life can change into a glorious life beyond what you could even imagine but you must do it his way not yours. The God of the Bible that sits in Heaven made each of us very special from his heart and he says he loves you more than his entire creation. He wants for you and your family and all those you love to know him personally, be healthy, happy, strong minded, protected and blessed all of the days of your life for this is his plan for you. God is not distant but a real person just like you not fictional or imaginary but as real as you are and God wants to reveal himself to you today. God is knocking on the door of your heart asking you to let him come in. But you must make the choice yourself.

Satan is the one, who has given mankind all sorts of evil thoughts and ideas like cult religions full of ritual and traditional nonsense for God is NOT involved in ANY of the religions that you see in the world today for he says they are an insult and an abomination to him. Religions are totally man made used to control and confuse people from the truth. People have believed these lies only because they have not seen God with their eyes or heard him speak to them so they try a religion hoping to reach God and better their lives performing rituals while in truth they are all of a satanic origin and do nothing but destroy peoples lives. People will become so involved in them they literally will give their wealth, loyalty and life to defend these false doctrines not realizing they are wrong until it's too late. God is offering you the truth today so you can be free from all the fear, worry, anxiety, torment and lack that you may be experiencing right now.

Right now in this century the world is living in the latter part of the Age of Grace which began the day Jesus died. God has given man time to repent and to receive Jesus as Savior but man's time is about over. We now enjoy so many technological wonders like computers, cars, cell phones, great medical knowledge and live in beautiful homes with all the comforts that no previous generation of people before us could ever have dreamed of. God has chosen this century as the time for all of this knowledge to be revealed to man but all of this is not going to last. Soon this age of grace will come to a close since man has become very sinful and vile with this knowledge and extremely selfish worshipping other Gods such as money, possetions,, prestige, pride, power and glory forgetting that God has warned us that these will only bring destruction to our lives. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gains the whole world, and loses his own eternal soul? Mark 8:36.

We have murdered millions of babies in the womb, we have become greedy, prideful, loving wealth and will betray family, friends or anyone who gets in our way. We have become more evil than any generation before us and very soon the second coming of Jesus will happen just as all the other prophecies in the Bible that have come true. The world is on the verge of a great taking away when suddenly millions of babies, children and people will go missing in a flash of time and then the world will become a horrible economic disasterous place with rioting, looting, stealing, killing and running to survive. Yes this is the real truth and you can be saved from all of this and be ready when Jesus comes to take those that have joined the family of God. Your life can change and become wonderful no matter who you are or what country you live in. The choice is yours now to decide then hear this message and respond to God. He is here waiting to speak with you right now. Satan is also here and he will whisper into your ear not to listen to this message to forget this.. Satan will try to stop you from choosing God's offer......... Don't listen to him. Make a leap of faith today.

Would you like to hear God speak to you? Will you give him 10 minutes of your time and let him tell you how he really feels about you? Yes he thinks about you a lot and how wonderful you truly are. He says "I LOVE YOU!" He has a great future in mind for you. So you only need to hear the words of your Father and creator so you can begin to know him.

Please Do This:

Just click on the video you see below and after you have watched the video please click on Be Born Again up above on the menu bar and claim for yourself the salvation, protection and love your Father in Heaven offers you . Today your life can change for good but God needs your cooperation to do this for he can not do this without you. Allow God to show you what he can do for you and your family today. He is waiting for you.