Gus and Marie Frantz

            Welcome to our Contact Page. Here you will find a lot of free fun information to download that will help you to understand the truth about who God really is and how he operates on this Earth as well as how much he truly loves you. It really doesn't matter what country you live in God is still there listening to your thoughts and words. Please feel free to write to us about any question you may have or if you need someone to agree with you in prayer for anything. We promise to quickly respond to you.

Everyone needs a fresh start and a time to begin their life over again. A time to forget the mistakes of your past and learn how to forgive yourself and others. A place that will guide you to become strong when everything seems to be crashing down around you. Everything that is good that God has planned for you and your family to have is already avalible for you, right now. So we have provided here a perfect starting place for you so you can begin a new life in Jesus through the truth of his word. First, start by downloading a free KJV Bible and then the teaching videos below so you can watch them often. This will push out all of the junk and all the lies the world has told you all your life. This will put you on the road to abundant life and a new loving relationship with your Father God in Heaven who loves you more than you could possibly know, for in due time your hopes and dreams will all come chasing after you. This is God's will for you and your family all you need to do is reach out and take it.


Just click on each link below.


Download this free KJV Bible for your Desktop Computer or Laptop. You can also get a free Bible for your phone. Go to the Google Play Store or your Phone's Apps Store and type in Bible KJV Free No Adds and look for this Bible. It's the best one we have found without the anoying adds.

Kent Hovind Ministries

The news media and college professors have so badly polluted young peoples minds and taught them lies about mans beginnings, past history of the earth, stars and planets, their orgins and life itself. But Kent Hovind using God's word will enhance your mind and demonstrate the truth about all of this. Knowing the true history of how you were made and why you are here is very important. In his videos Kent Hovind gives proof in a detailed account of why the world is in such a terrible mess and how to avoid those pitfalls. Do you have a hunger to know the truth or do you want to just continue in ignorance, stumbling through life as you have been? God wants you to know the power of the truth about everything. Download and watch these videos in this order:

  1. Lies in the Textbooks
  2. The Age of the Earth
  3. The Garden of Eden
  4. The Hovind Therory
  5. Dinasours and the Bible
  6. The Bible and Health
  7. Questions and Answers parts 1&2
God of Wonders

You can really see God's heart in his wonderful creation and how vast he is. It is scientifically impossible that all this beauty and complexity happened by accident. Watch this Documentary and feel how awesome God is for yourself.

Is Genesis History?

Is the Bible true or is Evolution the truth? Both can't be right.

Watch a wonderful video about creation from the view of several archeologists and choose for yourself.

Ark of Discovery

Did you know that the cities of Babylon, Sodom and Gomorah have been found? Yes, Noah's ark has also been found and researched also the place where the Hebrews crossed over the Red Sea that God opened before them. Go and see the The Ark of Discovery a website which explains everything.