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Everyone is looking for a better way of life and don't see that it's in God's word. This book will help to guide you into a new way of thinking and renew your mind.
God is there now, with you, whispering into your ear saying "I Love You" wanting you to believe and to know  Him and this message. Jesus is love and the real truth not what the people of this world have taught you.

This book is NOT about a bunch of physiological religious rules, rituals, traditions and other silly nonsense that you may have been taught. This book will answer all of the many unanswered  questions you have wondered about over your life so you can finally know the truth so that you can forever be free to walk hand in hand with your Heavenly Father through life and know he is there with you so you will win at everything you do.

             God says:  My people are destroyed for
                     lack of knowledge: Hosea 4:6
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