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          Greetings to you fellow Human and Welcome. The purpose of this website is to inform you of the truth and give you a real understanding of who God really is and how he operates on this Earth as well as what he wants to do for you. He wants to erase your past and forgive you of ALL of your sins and show you how to start your life fresh and new. It is his greatest desire that everyone would be born again through his son Jesus. God has a great love for all of us but he won't force us to do what is right. He wants to give you a new heart of love with a sound and clear mind no matter who you are or how unworthy you may feel. We wish to help and encourage you and point out all of the lies that churches and people in this world have told you so that you can be free to live a wonderful, abundant and  peaceful life on this Earth and know your creator as Father and best friend. Not through religion but a personal relationship with God and Jesus as your Savior.

God the Father is here right now and wants to help you so your life can change into a glorious life beyond what you could even imagine. The God of the Bible that sits in Heaven made each of us very special from his heart and he loves you more than his entire creation. He wants for you and your family and all those you love to know him personally, be healthy, happy and blessed all of the days of your life for this is what God is truly about. God is a real person just like you not fictional or imaginary like you may have been told and he wants to reveal himself to you today if you are willing. God is knocking on the door of your heart asking you to let him come in. Will you hear him calling you today?
The greatest danger to your life is your enemy, Satan, who has given mankind all sorts of evil thoughts and ideas like cult religions full of ritual and traditional nonsense for God is NOT involved in ANY of the religions that you see in the world today for they are an insult to him. Religions are totally man made. People have believed these lies only because they have not seen God with their eyes or heard him speak to them so they try a religion hoping to reach God while in truth they are all of a satanic origin and do nothing but ruin peoples lives. People will become so involved in them they literally will give their wealth, loyalty and life to defend these false doctrines not knowing they are wrong. God is offering you the truth today so you can be free from all the fear, worry, anxiety and lack you may be experiencing.

God's truth is his word which is the King James Bible first printed in 1611 and is the very thoughts and words of God himself. He gave us his word so we could understand where we came from, our history and receive his free gift of enternal life that he has offered so we could learn about faith, become strong and be with him in Heaven through his Son Jesus who willing took upon himself ALL of the sins of mankind and then paid the final price so that people could be
born again and saved from the torments of Hell as well as the horrible coming events that will befall the world in the years to come. The Bible has never been wrong yet and so far since every prophecy listed has come true. The people of the world have been blinded to this truth for centuries and that needs to change now. They need to have their eyes opened to the truth.
Right now in this century the world enjoys so many technological advancedments like computers, cars, cell phones, great medical knowledge and live in beautiful homes with all the comforts. God has chosen this century as the time for all of this knowledge to be revealed to man. But man has become very vile with this knowledge and extremely selfish and sinful worshipping other Gods such as money, possetions, favor, prestige, pride, power and glory forgetting that God has warned us that these will only cause destruction.

We have murdered millions of babies in the womb, we have become greedy, prideful, loving wealth and will betray family, friends or anyone who gets in our way. We have become worse than the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and very soon the second coming of Jesus will happen just as all the other prophecies in the Bible that have come true. The world is on the verge of a great taking away when suddenly millions of babies, children and people will go missing in a flash of time and then the world will become a horrible economic disasterous place with rioting, looting, stealing, killing and running to survive just like they did in Noah's time. Yes this is the real truth and you can be saved from all of this and be ready when Jesus comes to take those that have joined the family of God. You can have this by being
born again into the Kingdom of God.
Would you like to hear God speak to you? Will you give him 10 minutes of your time and let him tell you how he really feels about you? Yes he wants to talk to you about what he thinks about you and how wonderful you truly are.
He has a great future in mind for you. You need to hear the words of your Father and creator so you can begin to know him. Just click on the video you see below and then click on
Be Born Again on the menu bar above. Today your life can be brand new and begin to change for good but God needs your cooperation to do this. Are you willing to hear him?